Meeting 24/4/14

In attendance:

Tony, Adam, Jake, John, Jenny M, and Ian


Went through some books on rock climbing to understand the sport and the grading system as part of Intellectual spice. This is first challenge as part of the Suas badge.

We decided to go to Awesome Walls next week (Thursday May 1st)

Tony, John, and Jake say they want to go on the Venture Adventure Challenge. It’s on the 22nd to the 26th of July and it is being organised by the Fingal County. The form needs to be returned to Halpo by the 1st of June. We will sort out the teams next week.

Tony, John, Adam, say they will be going on the Kerry Trip. The group is going to Kerry to climb Carrantuohill on the first weekend in July. It will be €50 depending on numbers.

We still need to get subs in so next week

Action Items:

Bring up €10 for Awesome Walls and be on time. Wear clothes you can climb in.

Make a decision on the Venture Adventure and Kerry Trip

Bring up subs of €20 and deposits for trips

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