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Venture Adventure Challenge

Venture Adventure Challenge organised by the Fingal Scout County

• Teams of two or three venture scouts

• Carry full pack + tent

Dropped 70 km- 80 km from Final Destination

Live on 7 euro a day pocket money

Complete a log book of their journey

Complete a number of tasks

Venture Adventure Challenge Souvenir

Sweep team emergency backup

Friday night celebration night

Check in Daily

Enjoy a full Irish Breakfast cooked for you on the Saturday Morning

If you are interested in attending this event please fill out a registration form

and send a deposit of € 25 euro per person to Stephen Halpin  before 1st of June.


• Plan your route / meals / shopping / kit

• Write a log book of your journey

• Find out how a local landmark got its name.

• Share a meal with a non scout

• Get some local media coverage for your challenge

• Learn a new skill on a farm – eg how to milk a cow ?

• Keep a least one phone charged at all times

• Check in with base at 0800 and 2000 each day with your grid

• Record a funny story from a local

• Identify three things that you have learned about yourself on your journey