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Venture Adventure Challenge

Venture Adventure Challenge organised by the Fingal Scout County

• Teams of two or three venture scouts

• Carry full pack + tent

Dropped 70 km- 80 km from Final Destination

Live on 7 euro a day pocket money

Complete a log book of their journey

Complete a number of tasks

Venture Adventure Challenge Souvenir

Sweep team emergency backup

Friday night celebration night

Check in Daily

Enjoy a full Irish Breakfast cooked for you on the Saturday Morning

If you are interested in attending this event please fill out a registration form

and send a deposit of € 25 euro per person to Stephen Halpin  before 1st of June.


• Plan your route / meals / shopping / kit

• Write a log book of your journey

• Find out how a local landmark got its name.

• Share a meal with a non scout

• Get some local media coverage for your challenge

• Learn a new skill on a farm – eg how to milk a cow ?

• Keep a least one phone charged at all times

• Check in with base at 0800 and 2000 each day with your grid

• Record a funny story from a local

• Identify three things that you have learned about yourself on your journey


Planning for Venture Adventure – Meeting – 15/05/2014

In Attendance: Jenny M, Ian, John, Adam, Jake, and Paul.

The meeting started off with a rant about biodiversity and the problems with Ireland’s current forestry strategy by Ian.

With glazed over eyes the Venture Unit humoured his ramblings and then the meeting started in earnest.

The unit discussed the Venture Adventure Challenge and it was agreed that Paul and Tony would make a team.

Adam, Jake and John are still undecided.

In an attempt to give the lads a better idea of what it would be like it was decided to have a training day for the event.

Because the deadline for entry is June the 1st it was agreed to have this sooner rather than later. Saturday the 24th of May was decided on.

On this day the Scouters would drop the two teams 20km from a finish point and give them some challenges to do on the day thus giving them a good idea of what a day on the challenge would be like.

Action Items:

1. Paul is going to look for a yoga instructor to complete the spiritual spice.

2. Tony will look into the the rock climbing courses at Awesome Walls.


Meeting – 08/05/2014 – Review Awesome Walls

In Attendance: Paul, Matt, Tony, John, Jake, Adam, Jenny M and Ian.

A review was carried out of our trip to Awesome Walls. It was agreed that the group should pursue more rock climbing/bouldering challenges.

Some of the group showed some real talent for climbing on the trip. It was agreed that we would look into doing a course with Awesome Walls with a view to learning ropework and progressing in the sport.

On the trip to Kerry a few more names were taken. Tony, John, Adam, Ian and Jenny M are confirmed.

In relation to the Venture Adventure Challenge Paul has discovered that he will be back from holidays before then. So himself and Tony will now make a team.

Adam, John and Jake are still undecided about the trip.

After finishing the first intellectual challenge, we decided to move onto the spiritual spice.

The group discussed various possibilities for spiritual challenges. We discussed Mindfulness and everyone agreed to do some everyday task in a mindful way before the next meeting.

For a challenge it was suggested that we should ask a Yoga instructor to come and do a session with the group. Everyone agreed to give it a go.

Action items:

Figure out a group rate for the rockclimbing wall. Checking out the NICAS awards scheme and see if we can do it.

Find some yoga instructors and see if they will take on a group of reprobates for an introductory session.